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Food and Beverage Software Overview



Food and Beverage Software Overview

Food and beverage operations at golf courses range from simple snack bars to fine dining. With Tee-On's golf Food & Beverage software, golf courses have all the necessary tools to operate and manage their restaurants, including full table service capabilities. Regardless of the type of restaurant, our food & beverage software can enhance your golfers' overall customer experience through improved speed and accuracy of service. This product also gives courses greater control over F&B inventory and actual sales data.

With Tee-On's Food & Beverage software you can greatly increase the accuracy of food preparation for your restaurant. For example, food and beverage items can be set to include all preparation instructions, such as "well done" or "lime slice". Using a touch screen monitor, servers select the F&B items, and then a detailed receipt prints to the kitchen or bar, as required. Well-organized printouts help reduce preparation errors caused by other means of communication.

Here are just a few other food and beverage features:


We work closely with course owners, managers and golf professionals to provide golf management software that addresses the specific needs of golf courses. Our system is flexible because we recognize that no two courses are alike.