Golfer Loyalty Program
Game packs and gift cards (ticketing system)

With Tee-On's built-in golfer loyalty program you can generate repeat business by initiating all kinds of creative marketing strategies. Using our system you can create simple and effective rewards programs, promotional offers, game packs, and gift cards of any denomination. Moreover, we have comprehensive reporting to help you track all tickets produced by the system, including how many have been issued and how many have been redeemed.

Implement a golfer loyalty program and instantly reward your loyal customers whenever they purchase certain items, such as green fees. Because tickets can be attached to any inventory item, any item can have its own accompanying reward ticket (coupon). Tickets can be changed at any time and you can add different offers for different purchases. By targeting the people who already support your club, this system helps to create loyalty and word-of-mouth publicity.

Tee-On's ticketing system was designed to be multi-functional. You can use our ticket feature to create game packs, golf & lunch combos, pro shop discounts, and so on. Tickets can be used to promote golf rounds or cart rentals. Bar-coded tickets can be tiered, meaning that, at redemption, another offer can be printed for the customer. In this way, you can reward golfers in different ways over extended periods of time. Compared to traditional forms of advertising and marketing, these on-site promotions generate outstanding returns.

With our system, you can create gift certificates for any dollar amount. Additionally, you can gain greater control over rain checks using the ticketing system. Rain checks generated by the system are traceable, which means you know who they are assigned to, when they expire and how many are outstanding.