Inventory Control
Gain more control and get better information

Accurately Track Your Inventory

Tee-On's golf Point of Sale gives your club the tools to accurately track and control your inventory. Whether it’s the process of receiving, selling or making adjustments to your inventory, all activity is tracked as it happens giving you up-to-the minute information.

Fully Customizable

Track any units of measure - depending on your club's needs. From tracking sleeves of golf balls, to liquor, to bottled beer or draught beer, our software can help you manage your inventory better.

No More Guess Work

With easy-to-access reports, you’ll have access to real-time inventory levels to help eliminate the guess work related to placing restocking orders. Inventory count worksheets can be printed or accessed on a tablet making physical counting faster and easier. Accessing detailed information on which products have sold well, which products haven't and which products are providing the club with its best margins will help you with product re-ordering, merchandising and even developing staff incentive programs.

Improved Efficiency

Tee-On's POS makes bar-coding items easy, ensuring proper pricing and better inventory tracking. The system efficiently generates purchase orders and streamlines receiving shipments.