Tee Sheet Software
Maximize your green fee revenue and improve customer service

Golfers and staff alike enjoy our web-based tee sheet because it's fast and easy to use. Tee time reservations made on the phone, in person or online are all done in real time using one tee sheet, which eliminates any risk of double bookings. Both your staff and golfers can make accurate reservations in seconds.

Increase your revenue with Tee-On's tee time booking service. Golfers can make bookings directly through your club's website 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. This way, your customers will be visiting your website regularly where they will be able to see everything that your club has to offer, including sales items and special events. Golfers may also book at your club from any of our affiliated websites. Of course, they can always book through the Tee-On website at www.tee-on.com - where over 800,000 registered users will also have the choice to book at your club. Having your club listed in several places increases your club's opportunities to fill more tee times.

Here are a few other features and benefits of online tee time booking:

Features and Benefits
  • No software to install or upgrade
  • Tee sheets available on multiple computers and PDAs
  • Local backup system at your club ensures tee sheets are always available
  • Authorized staff can access the tee sheet from anywhere
  • Extremely fast and easy bookings with instant confirmation (email confirmation optional)
  • Free service to golfers
  • Credit card numbers are authenticated at time of booking
  • Easy to learn; staff training (with video) takes about 15 minutes

When you use the internet to manage your tee sheet, members and guests can book their tee times online. Unlike the telephone, golfers are never put on hold and they never hear a busy signal. Participating golf clubs report about 2000 fewer calls in their first year using Tee-On. A less-stressed environment also means that staff can spend more time talking with customers, which should result in improved customer service. Of course, golfers can still book by phone if they choose.